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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

An experience in the Langkawi Island

I have been meaning to blog my trip to the Langkawi island for quite some time - it's been over two weeks since the trip now - but what with University taking up most of my time, I couldn't get around to doing so until today. 

Recently, my friends and I went to the Langkawi island (in Malaysia) for 3 days during the Deepavali holidays. Needless to say, it was one amazing holiday.

First off, we visited the most famous beach in Langkawi - Cenang Beach, and were not disappointed. The ocean was simply magnificent and left us mesmerized. Here's a shot of its beauty:

After admiring the ocean for a while, we decided to indulge in some water sports. The first on the list was Para-sailing  Words cannot do justice to the experience of Para-sailing  It is one of the most beautiful activities I've ever experienced. Sailing in the sky while the boat drives your direction, looking at the whole ocean and the island from the top, feeling the air kiss your body - it just puts everything in perspective. The feeling of literally flying in the sky is truly remarkable - so relaxing, so refreshing, it just makes all your worries melt away. 

Para-sailing made me realize how beautiful our world actually is, how lovely the nature is, and how little we appreciate and cherish it. As I said, words cannot capture the beauty and thrill of it, and neither can pictures - but here's a snap of me para-sailing anyway, hoping it can give you a glimpse of what it was like (The snap is of when I am nearing the ground, about to land in a few minutes... the height of the entire "flying" session was way higher than this).

And this one is a view from the top, captured while Para-sailing by one of my friends:

And here's another:

After Para-sailing  the next activity we indulged in was the "Banana Boat fall".  It basically involved riding on a boat in the shape of a banana. The uniqueness of it was that the boat was that it was inflatable, without any "sides". We were supposed to wear life-jackets while riding it, since the main purpose of this activity is falling in the ocean mid-way through the ride multiple times. 

It was quite scary but hilarious at the same time every time we desperately tried to catch on, but fell in the deep waters anyway with no shore in sight (thank God for the life-jackets), and not being able to feel any land beneath our feet. I wish I had a snap of this thrilling experience, but sadly, we couldn't take along a camera.

Then, we also did Jet-skiing and Snorkelling. For these, we went to Tengah Beach, which is another beautiful beach with an amazing ocean. The view of the sunset here is also very popular, and we realized why when we witnessed it for ourselves. I don't think the camera could really capture the beauty of the sunset at the beach, but here's a snap anyway:

Returning to Jet-skiing and Snorkelling, sadly there are no pictures of the experiences, but they were both extremely fun. Jet-Skiing was like taking a tour of the sea, except that it involved quite "rash driving", if you know what I mean ;)

As for Snorkelling  it was like a tour of the ocean as well, except that it was below the waters, and not above. Admiring the various corals, small fishes, and various kinds of plants, I could just ponder over how underwater is an entirely different world with numerous mysteries.

Apart from these activities, and simply chilling and swimming in the ocean, we also paid a visit to this special "Black Sands Beach" in Langkawi. I was amazed to see that the sand of that beach is really black, though it is a bitter reminder of how polluted our world has become, because this black sand is not a nature's miracle, but a product of years and years of factory excretions of cassiterite and stannous oxide which have turned the sand black. Anyhow, it was definitely a strange site for me to witness, so here is a picture of us standing on the black sand:

Here's another shot of the beach:

Well, that pretty much wraps up all the main highlights of our trip to the island. It was definitely a beautiful place to visit, with amazing things to offer, and I loved every minute of the trip - right from the relaxing in the hotel tucked away in the countryside, to the breathtaking experience of parasailing, and the thrill of jet-skiing, banana boat, and snorkelling. 

The best part of the trip though was the pure blissful joy my friends and I experienced from spending quality time with each other without any worries in the world, be it by playing in the sea like little kids, or by walking peacefully on the beach talking about our dreams and hopes for the future. We have made memories that I'll cherish in my heart forever. 

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  1. Lovely post! I'm glad to hear that your holidays were so amazing!!! I wish I had such a weather right now in my town :)